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Configuration Management

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DevOps consultancy when you need it.

Over the last few years DevOps has really come into its own. Be it configuration management, Development release cycle, Infrastructure as code or custom tooling. Everyone is getting involved in DevOps to help them be more agile and focused on the tasks they need to complete. At Practical DevOps, we believe the only way to be a success is to deliver little solutions frequently to your business. We believe this approach improves stability and also enables you to realise the value of the work as soon as possible.


Here at Practical DevOps we believe the best solutions use the ideas and innovations of every member of the team. This enables us to come up with the solution that best fits your business and one everyone believes in.


A founding principle of DevOps is everything is code, be it Infrastructure, configuration or application. By keeping everything in sync with aligned releases of each it becomes easier to see what has changed. Allowing us to compare each release, of each component on a release by release basis

Launch Ready

Continuous delivery is an important step in DevOps, release real value little and often. This ensures the business will benefit from the effort as soon as possible through careful planning and well defined processes. Releasing frequently is low risk and minimises large outages. It achieves this by minimising the change set between each release. With constant monitoring of the release process it becomes easy to spot issues introduced on a release by release basis.